When things don’t seem to be going to plan and you feel as though you’re taking more steps backward than you are forward, the negative committee rolls out the red carpet and along comes doubt, anxiety and plenty other notorious figures, ready to attend the pity party of the year. Oh and guess who’s headlining at this A-list event? The orchestra of epic frustration ft. rage. Shut the doors stat! Next, rewire your mindset. Read More

Sacred Geometry Yoga – The Path To Living In Harmony Lies Within

The body is a temple but the mind is a universe, where thoughts, ideas and beliefs collide to form new galaxies within. We are all made of the same mystic mathematics, constructed from the same sacred geometry used to build temples, create art and construct the very reality we live in. And as we practice our body arts, and assume the yoga positions of our predecessors in a daily ritual to celebrate our very existence, we become one with all as all becomes one within us. Read More

8 surprising ways insomnia affects your body

Arecent report from the British Sleep Council has revealed that we are sleeping worse than ever. The Great British Sleep Report shows that the majority of Brits only get between five and seven hours of shut-eye per night. A third of respondents claim to have suffered from insomnia for over five years, with stress cited as the chief cause.

As stress and anxiety levels rise, combined with an ever-increasing reliance on technology, it gets harder and harder to switch off and attain the longed-for eight hours that clinicians encourage. For some, chronic insomnia is a nightly battle, as they are forced to lie awake alongside a sleeping partner, tossing and turning, unable to switch off. Read More

7 Hilarious Confessions Only Girls Who Run Will Understand

By Marissa Gainsburg and Wanita Nicol; Photography by James Garaghty

Um… Somebody had to say it.

1. Snot Rockets Are Totally Acceptable

“Training for a long time with an all-male group, I picked up some of their behaviour. Like, if I feel stuffy, I just blow out a snot rocket. It’s a little messy at first, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it – now I can shoot my snot right toward the ground. You just close one nostril, assess where the wind is blowing and force a strong blow in that direction.”

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When you first start going to the gym, it can feel a bit intimidating. You’ve got the woman who seems to be made out of pure muscle hanging from a bar doing reverse sit ups, while a man in the corner grunts and groans as he lifts a piece of equipment that you’ve never even seen before. Not to worry! When you are just beginning your workout routine, keep it simple! These nine easy exercises are great for beginners because they will only use a mat, free weights, and an exercise ball. If you do all nine, you will get a full body workout that will become second nature once you do it a few times. This is a great routine to get you started! Read More


Yes you read it right, burn more calories sitting down!  Get your body working more efficient.  Burn calories longer.  Up your total calorie burn  and stop spinning your wheels doing spin class after spin class.  Listen to this week’s walk with Wintergerst as I explain how to increase your calories burn at rest.  Adopt the long term calorie (LTC) method and your fitness life will get easier as time goes on.

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