If You Can’t Lose Fat With This Sprint Workout You Should Probably Just Quit Everything

When people talk about sprinting, they typically discuss their glory days – being part of a high school team or how fast they ran the 40-yard sprint when trying out for college football.

It’s unfortunate because sprinting is rarely discussed as it should: an incredible tool that can act as the perfect addition to your strength training workouts. 

Sprinting can be manipulated to stimulate fat loss through alterations in both distance and intensity.

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5 Things You Should Know About Cannabis & Exercise

Eddie Bravo, Ross Rebagliati, Bill Walton … The list of awesome athletes who use cannabis goes on. The stereotypical image of a lazy stoner lying around in their underwear, snacking on junk food and watching television seems a bit ridiculous when looking at athletes like the ones we’ve mentioned here and in other articles.

Here are a few reasons why cannabis could be the athlete’s medication of choice in the future, and why even some of the best are using it today… Read More


Standing Up While Training, A Novel Idea…

Let’s face it, laziness has become a part of human nature! Even our efforts to better ourselves through training and exercise are embedded with laziness.

Consider your last trip to the gym. What did the crowd of people look like in the free weight are vs. the machine area? Chances are you saw more people sitting down on the machines than you did standing up moving a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells. You may even see more people sitting down for cardio. Read More

9 Ways Employees Can Stay Healthy at Work

It is said that health is wealth. The adage is true to a great extent. Without good health, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Taking care of work, chores and kids would become impossible if we struggled with health conditions all of the time.

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One of the most common excuses people cite for not being in good shape relates to not having the time or the energy to do what it takes to be healthy. This is particularly true of working professionals. Here are nine things employees can do regularly to ensure they stay healthy. Read More

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Without Exercising

Are you looking to learn how to lose belly fat fast, whether you are trying to fit into that sexy dress for an upcoming wedding or aiming for that six pack abs?  Or maybe you are just tired of being mistaken for being pregnant like I was?

Whatever your motivation may be, belly fat is the most dangerous fat in your body and can cause much more than just a body image issue. If you have a lot of excess fat around your waistline, you should take some steps to reduce it, even if you’re not very heavy. Read More

20 Ways to Eat a High-Protein Lunch

Eating some protein at every meal is an easy way to keep you full and focused, since protein takes a good amount of time to digest. That’s especially important at lunch, when you need to give yourself enough fuel to power through the rest of your work or school day. While a classic tuna salad will give you that protein boost, there are countless other ways to get a little more creative with your lunch and still get the protein you need. Here are 20 recipes that are sure to inspire. Read More