Why Can’t I See My Abs?

Abs. We love them. You love them. We all want them (we think . . .), but sometimes they can be hard to achieve or reveal. Are you struggling? You’re not alone. There’s no magic pill for abs, but that would be pretty sweet. Until said magic pill is invented (fingers crossed), you need to focus on some details of your health and wellness routine to get the results your six-pack-loving heart so desires.

Word to the wise — healthy eating and strength training (with proper form) play major roles in your ab journey. Incorporating these five tips are paramount to your muscular success. Read More

5 Ways To Maximize Your Rest Days—And Get Better Results

While sitting on the couch can be super enticing (hello, Netflix!), there’s a lot your body needs on a rest day that can’t be solved by sitting still. Muscle stiffness, metabolic waste (i.e. acid build-up in the body), delayed onset muscle soreness, and hydration are all factors to think about, says Luke Greenberg, a physical therapist at MOTIVNY.

“Just sitting on the couch alone is going to tackle only your dehydration,” he says. Therefore, it’s key to get in active recovery workouts that will increase circulation on your day off from your usual regimen. This movement will get Read More

The Bird-Dog Crunch

The bird-dog is a canny canine used by hunters to help find and retrieve game. Pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels come into the category, and the one thing that links them apart from their ability to sniff out prey is a rock solid core. While you won’t gain the means to smell out a pheasant’s roost by doing the bird-dog crunch, you will be doing your core a favour. Read More

How To Do Box Jumps

When House Of Pain exhorted the world to jump around, jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up, and indeed get down, they were almost certainly not lauding the benefits of adding plyometric moves to your training regime. But that doesn’t stop the song being great workout advice.

Throwing a few jumps into your workout builds speed and strength, and is especially useful for people hitting the gym to improve their performance in sports. Plus, jumping as high or as far as you can is also fun and a great way to break any monotony that has crept into your workouts. Read More